pan-a-se-a | pan- ɘ -sē- ɘ | pan-a-ce-a | Πανάκεια


panasea is a haven of peace and serenity, in perfect dialogue with the natural beauty of Kalados, the protected Southwestern coast of Naxos. Wisely nested in a seascape that offers freedom, inspiration and healing that combine to restore a sense of what is truly important in life; panasea villa embodies the values of its playful name, that recalls Panakeia, the ancient Greek goddess of healing. Surrounded by a coastline of wild Cycladic purity with the Aegean Sea lapping on the villa’s shores, a profound experience of solitude and rejuvenation, joyfully awakens the residence’s guests. Welcoming, with rustic chic charm, panasea is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the comfort of an upscale set-up and at the same time connect with the elemental qualities of the sea and the sky.

The joy of seascape

Unique sunrises and breathtaking sunsets that glorify the sea and the Cycladic light, are a constant alternating background for panasea villa. Surrounded by decks and terraces offering a bird’s eye panoramic view towards the small Cycladic islands to the south, this uplifting villa shares with its guests the feeling of freedom and expansiveness normally only found sailing. Designed in order to inspire unforgettable moments that unfold around the residence’s spacious outdoor and indoor areas, whether it is a happy dinner with friends on the villa’s veranda, a refreshing swim at the villa’s pool – surrounded by all the shades of blue that nature has to offer; sipping a glass of local wine at the stone built bar while listening to the sea or reading on the sun terrace; the abundant relaxing spots of the villa are an ode to carefree, calm, Mediterranean living.

panasea, a charming sea nest

panasea is a soothing hideaway that embraces the simplicity of Cycladic chic architecture. With discreet marine notes, underlined by amazing sea views from both the interior and the exterior of the villa; the villa’s rooms, living areas and terraces, are a part of an inviting and comfortable mosaic. Here guests can relax and let the energy of the place take care of them. The sea, the sky and this exquisite villa, will look after all the guest’s needs.

Villa Panasea

Kalados, Naxos, Greece, 84302

Telephone number: +30 2120003246

Winter Period
*until April 30th and as of October 1st
– Mon – Fri 09:00-21:00
– Weekend 10:00-19:00
Summer Period
*May 1st – September 30th
– Mon – Sat 09:00-22:00
– Sunday 10:00-19:00

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